Seasons Change


…I stopped to stand in the leaves
They looked so pretty there.
Shades of yellow– lemon, dandelion, mustard, butterscotch
I’d hoped for the crunch beneath my feet
It was my favorite part
But it wasn’t time for that yet
And with the weather so wet and rainy
Admiring nature’s beauty
came in at second best
For a minute, the worries that worried me worried me a little less
Leaving the present moment for a daydream of laying in a pile of these
Soft entities that once belonged to the trees that bore them and now belong to themselves
For me to walk by
And capture them in their best light
Alive but wet, and well


Take A Long Walk.


Person who runs, enjoys the art  of running & the freedom of hitting Earth’s landscape step by step, even if it isn’t everyday. *Insert photo of self.* 🙂

One of the great things about being a runner is what you learn about miles & distance. To someone who doesn’t walk or run, a mile may seem ridiculously long. A runner knows that ain’t nothing!

  I’d walk 3 miles before I’d consider driving it or catching a bus or cab. It’s not a challenge. It’s not drudgery. It’s not that far…How you think about it is how it is. Alot like life.

If it seems too far or too hard, do we just not try? Give up? Take the easy way? Or do we take a different route? What seems to be the long way? Both pathways will get you there. One quicker. The latter may take a little longer, but in the end, you pushed yourself a little farther. Discovered new things along the way…about the route you never took. New scenery. New neighborhoods. New people. New ideas you wouldn’t have had time to think about that you now have time to ponder. Maybe even discovered something about yourself. It’s a Jill Scott, proverbial “Take A Long Walk”…That I can do.

Bypassing the train this time. Here goes…