Roses are Red…

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Even with its withered leaves, the beauty remains. The rose.

A random stroll
On a chilly Fall night
Her face illuminated by the street lights
Mine illuminated by her gaze
Two grown teenagers looking up at the sky
Star gazing, plane chasing
“Wait, which way is the airport?”
We became human compasses gauging east and west until we decided, that way
Wondering where they were headed
Some place we should go I was thinking

Suggesting we walk the neighborhood
“Let’s see how far it goes”
We made it down the hill
And just around the corner
Until the chill only an anemic can feel
Said no.

She stopped
at the bush on the corner
A bush in the neighbors yard
Of roses
She kinda loathes flowers, roses especially
So I’m looking at her
Trying to pick this one rose
Almost fighting with it
I laughed and said
“They do have thorns you know
You have to pick it with your…”
When she yanked it free from its vine
Showed me her fingers like a child with a boo boo, “See.”
And handed it to me.

From a random bush
On a random night
In a random moment
She gave me love
in a single red rose.


When you lose two loves of your life, are you truly expected to be alright? People die.
People leave.
Sometimes you are the one who has to go.
Do you shake that off? Like an accidental stumble on a table end…
Oops, silly me. I’m fine. It wasn’t that bad….
Loss hurts. It lingers long after the initial hurt has happened…

My heart’s still sore.

One would walk into my life only to walk right back out…again…when I needed her most. As I dealt with…

The other losing her battle with cancer. I watched her fast demise. Hating to see her suffer, praying it would go away. Knowing the time would not be long.

It’s been two months. Still, It’s as fresh now as it is then. I suppose one day it’ll be alright.

Just not today.