Something Like That…..

Comfy Undies12:05 a.m. Up wishing I wasn’t up. Well kind of. I’d rather be up writing than doing anything else, unless it’s doing something else…but that’s two totally different ball games! 😉 Pandora has not been cooperating with me tonight. I was fully intent on being amped! Listening to Today’s Hits & all that kept playing was love music. “Girl..I love you. Do you love me? Sugar, honey, ice tea, flowers… la la la.” Like no. I’m trying to not think about the things I don’t want to think about. Like that very topic. After the third song, I just gave up. So now Sara Bareilles, Hope, & Corinne Bailey Rae are vibing out. Smh & Lol I guess the universe had other plans.

Now I’m listening to some song about Running Away With My Love…That would be nice as long as I’m coming with it. Don’t steal my shit & run off. I would not like that.

I miss it. Love that is. Sometimes. Once a month. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. That’s good enough. I’ve been single long enough to know I like “like” way better. It’s cute. It’s fun. It’s flirty. It’s safe. It’s comfy like a new pair of Hanes undies. Snuggle right in that. I don’t need some fancy, lacey Vicky Secrets. I mean yes, they look very appealing & intriguing. Makes you think, “I want a pair of these”. Now, you have to take out time to find the perfect pair. Perfect color. Are they cute? Is it sexy? Where am I going with these? I have to save these for a special occasion. Is this out of my price range? I’ll charge it & pay for them later. Hold up, What’s all this extra sh&% on here? Is this lace & mesh & bows & a zipper? Why is there a zipper? Which hole do I step in? I’m just going to sit here until I figure this out. Let me ask my friends what they think? Do you like these? Yes?! No?? Dang it, You’re no help!

This is too complicated. I just wanted something cute & simple. But now, I’m here making sure the lace is sitting just so, so it doesn’t snag up in my crotchal areas. Now, I have to readjust so the back evens up with the front..but I still see plumber’s crack peeking out of the top. Like shit. This is just not worth it! I’m going commando!

“Omg, Thank you Universe! I can breathe now! Whewwwww…” (Hearing the sound of the winds) Feel that? Feels like freedom. Why didn’t I do this before? Wait, it’s a little chilly. I need something to cover up with. Something comfortable to keep me warm. Ooh, look what I found? These comfy undies……

The saga continues.


3 thoughts on “Something Like That…..

  1. Sometimes the Universe has its own plans for us. From the path we may take on a given day to who our heart yearns for. We can’t explain it, we can’t fight it, we can’t hate it (although we try hard) but in the end the Universe has its way. All we can do is recognize the signs along the way and embrace every adventure that confronts us. Maybe one of those adventures will propel life to be aligned with our goals, aspirations and desires. Just like the relief of not wearing the underwear, when your heart finds that special place the Universe is directing us, there’s no amount of joy that can measure up to it!

    Stay strong!!

    • Thanks Ninja! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I understand the Universe has its own plan & as a mere human, I am destined to bow to its power. Undies or no undies, my goal is to be comfortable & satisfied in my choice. Like yep! Perfect. I could wear these everyday. lol Not actually but you get the point.

  2. Lol I hear you. One thing I would say though is the act of bowing down to the power of the Universe isn’t one I would go for. The act in of itself can be seen as giving into it or just accepting it for what it is. Instead, if you truly feel the Universe has endeared your heart to a place of greatness, embrace it, wrap yourself within it, consume it and allow it to propel you to the higher heights you were destined to achieve. Don’t sell yourself short by just bowing down and accepting it. Be the blazing comet you are and allow the power of the Universe to carry you to places unimaginable. Be fearless while on the journey!

    Stay Strong.

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